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Mops Hi, everyone, my name is Equipments, Smitt. More recently, I got married, and my husband and I moved into a new house, we had to dress, and to buy it all, after we had practically nothing, we went with my husband to the store, bought everything, and when we arrived home, I remembered that we forgot to buy a mop, as the mistress could do without a mop, due to the wet cleaning should be done every day. We went back to the store and asked the clerk to give us an mp, he brought us several options, ordinary mp, centrifugal mop. Yes, you heard right, a vacuum cleaner with a cold sore. The salesman congratulated her so much that I decided to try such a miracle. And we got home, and the first thing I wanted to do was to try a new Mule. And what I can tell you about this mc is wonderful, and very practical, I would advise you to try such a mc, and you and I will be happy with this purchase. If you like my story, write to me, add me to your friends, to share together your news, my contacts you will find on the website. I await the letters of dear reader.

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