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Hello dear readers of the blog. I'm Clement, Thomas, I'm 74. I was born and grew up in the beautiful city of Chicago. Here I had a beautiful childhood, I grew up here and became a man. He graduated from the University, where he received a diploma of a qualified withdrawn. After graduating from university, I went to work in a large company in the Prohibition. I liked my job very much, I liked it, I went to work as a holiday. In my youth, my passion was sports, I love different sports, but most of all I liked football. As a child, I had many friends, and at the moment we have common interests, we play football as a team. And over time, when we grew up, have families, work, we do not have time to collect every day to play the game that we love so much. But that doesn't stop us, my friends and I were always on the football field every weekend playing. After the match, we collected a sports function and organized a small picnic, where we discussed all aspects of our game. With age, began to play less and less, but at this age I do not play at all, because age is not the same, our body does not have much power, he is tired. But despite our age and our tired, but we gather on weekends, a picnic, and remember the younger years when we all played football together. My friends are very excited, despite the fact that we do not play we do not have so much health and strength, we are powerless, together we have been through a lot, seen many things, helped each other when help is needed, we would like to remember our childhood, the youth, always have something to talk about, there is always something to remember you no matter what. Thank you dear readers of my blog, for visiting my blog, I hope you liked my story, and you remembered your childhood. Write me, call me, come visit me. All contacts listed on the site.

20 Times Square, 275 7th Ave, New York, NY 10001, +1 212-349-3700