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§3 price, delivery, maturity

(1)price, size, color, and material etc.


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(4) salary costs.


§4 delivery

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(2) the sale of goods, land-lost, or personal injury, or profit,such as application,provider or location distribution is the transfer of delivery.


§5. content specific server, its name

we are ready to pay the full price for the purchase.

in fact, Chapter Six.

(1) use these terms and conditions for all use of the card.


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guarantee-terms of use of the law.

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contracts,providers,customers, Executive, laws of the Federal federal Federal federal Federal Republic of Germany. people living outside the state will be able to choose whether or not to take into consideration the consumer. the main exception is the restoration of the law in this country. contract development.

11. edit article.

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confidential information

also use the site, site. regulation real estate protection? it is natural. we collect your personal information(name, address, email, articles, etc.).), in principle, the protection of personal data and other personal data can be part of the name. doctor? the reason is to protect your personal data from federal data protection(bundesdatenschutzgesetz -, bd, war, Germany, tmg). the following function presents information about the data collection name,and packages rules as well.


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site, New, submit, please contact us via email and / or contact form. in this case, user information was easy to meet and contact. give this information to third parties. location of the data block and other data provided by the data obtained.


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